Saturday, July 2, 2011

21 Days of Red Light Running and Counting

For twenty-one straight days I saw a vehicle run a red light in ABQ. What in the hell is councilman Dan Lewis thinking forcing a public vote on the Red Light Camera program? And why did the mayor allow it to go to public vote? Wisely and dispassionately the mayor had research conducted that showed the validity of the program. He used the findings to correct the shortcomings. It is my opinion we should be talking about expanding this program. Sure, it's an imperfect attempt to treat the symptom instead of the problem (we live in an increasingly crowded car dependent city), but what is Lewis's alternative? When deaths go up, will he be to blame? As you can surmise, I am highly doubtful the public will save this program in an off year election. Update: After being out of town for several weeks I just got back and have a new streak going: two days of witnessing cars run red lights.