Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is Driving in ABQ About to Get More Dangerous?

Despite UNM finding* that program improves driving safety, city council votes 5-4 to end program. Councilor Dan Lewis has made this issue a cause celebre. He cites the "will of the voters" who narrowly voted against the program (53%) in a recent non-binding low turn out election. My message to Councilor Lewis and camera opponents remains the same: What is your solution to rampant red light running in ABQ? And if accidents increase at intersections that had cameras are you willing to take the blame?

* from ABQ Journal 11/8/11: The UNM study, released last fall, said Albuquerque’s red-light cameras improved public safety by reducing the number of crashes with injuries. But it also said the cameras boosted the number of rear-end collisions. Those collisions are less serious, however, so the net effect is an increase in public safety, the study said.