Sunday, December 23, 2007


What does such road signage say about a city? Who benefits? Who loses? If your only exposure to Albuquerque was traversing the I-25 or I-40, what conclusions might you draw?


John said...

"Nice mountains" is probably about the only positive thought that would come to my mind...

abqdwell said...

My first visit to this city was probably like many: I flew into ABQ and then drove north on the I-25. I remembering thinking how unattractive the city was from the road. As a resident I now know how special and beautiful this place is, but each time I travel the I-25 or I-40 I am struck by how unsightly the billboard clutter is.

It's great to see the New Mexico-themed landscaping at the airport, on the I-40 and (finally) at the Big I interchange. Hopefully this will lead more and more residents to start asking critical questions about the billboards. It's hard for me to see any benefit from these signs. I know those who profit from this signage have ready-made talking points to counter opposition. But at the end of the day, whose city is this? Why shouldn't our public roads celebrate the beauty that is New Mexico instead of deface it? Why are we appalled at graffiti yet readily accept this?

If these states can rid billboards, why can't New Mexico?
Vermont - Removed all billboards in 1970s
Hawaii - Removed all billboards in 1920s
Maine - Removed all billboards in 1970s and early 80s
Alaska - State referendum passed in 1998 prohibits billboards