Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Stadium Name: The Rock

Three-quarter serious idea: Rename University Stadium The Rock. Goes with The Pit. Sounds a hell of a lot cooler than playing at University Stadium. This could even be a salute to Rocky Long for his time as a player and coach. If you did a cool rock/boulder structure out front, it could become iconic (plus it would tie into the Sandias). I can see it now... “Welcome to The Rock for New Mexico Bowl 7 between UNM and Texas.” Maybe, rename a seating section near the field The Rockpile or something like that. You’d have three cool stadiums names: The Lab, The Pit and The Rock.

Full serious idea: Completely renovate the area around the stadiums (landscaping, restaurant and bar with patio seating, hotel, Rail Runner Shuttle, pedestrian improvements) to make it an area where people want to spend time at instead of driving up, parking on decaying asphalt and then getting the hell out.


Mark said...
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Mark said...

I like this 3/4 idea! But it would all come down to execution right? Couldn't you see some disneyesque styrofoam rocks mounted to the outside of the entrances - picture San Mateo wall. Or would that be permissable since it is an entertainment venue? My gut says, "never!", but I know how these things go. p.s. would we have to get rights from that wrestler/ actor guy?

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

Anonymous said...

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