Tuesday, August 25, 2009

City Councilor Rey Garduño's Nob Hill Traffic Signal Initiative

Great post by Johnny Mango today about efforts to finally address the traffic signal issue in Nob Hill.

Director of Albuquerque's Municipal Development Dept., Michael Riordan, seems unconvinced about the need. Here's what we need to do: Tell that we have free beer and food for him and to meet at Kelly's to claim his goods. When he arrives, give him the food (extra salty) but tell him the beer is across the street.

Mango recommends supporters do the following:

So something that has worried the Nob Hill neighborhood for years may be coming to a head on September 9th. The NHNA is looking to have 4 or 5 speakers in favor of the resolution. If you want to lend your support, consider doing the following:
Email your Councilor.
• Comment on this post telling about your own experiences trying to cross the street, and give your own ideas.
• Show up at the City Council meeting.

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