Thursday, August 26, 2010

Say What?

Jim Long owner of multiple hotels in the state plus the Albuquerque Plaza building downtown was quoted in the Journal today as calling the proposed downtown arena project an "economic albatross." He went on to say: "The issue is the lack of desirability of Downtown. If you come to stay here, there must be something to do. There must be a vibrant community aspect to Downtown to attract those conventions, and I think people know that intuitively."

Uh, isn't a core reason behind the project to make the area more vibrant so it will be more attractive as a destination for conventions and locals?


Tim said...

The politics on display by the opposition amazes me. Soon they'll be using excuses like, "we're all too poor, and if it's such a good idea, why won't an investor build it?" What's that? They've already started?

I can't wait for the Mayor to state an opinion on this. Sadly, I'm unsure his political backers would allow for a truly educated decision on this.

KimBerly said...
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