Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ABQ: the Undewhelming Plan

I've written about my enthusiasm for Mayor Berry's ABQ: The Plan, a series of "quality of life" projects. I was particularly enthused about bike trail improvements that would create a safe, 50-mile loop around the city that would benefit all residents. In light of two recent hideous bike deaths this highly affordable project seemed particularly needed. Instead we are reminded once again that despite our amazing weather and outdoor activities this is a car-first city. We will now be voting in November to kick $25 million toward a $350 million plus project (Paseo Freeway Exchange) that is years away from seeing the light of day; the bike loop improvements would have cost about $10 million, would create jobs in the very near future, and would be a project that citizens could enjoy and one the city could promote to visitors; this project is instead put off into the future. This is vision? This is leadership? Sigh.

Project two is a sports complex that has the potential to be a money maker if it can attract out of town sports teams. Since it will most likely be built in Mesa Del Sol it's hard to see how this improves the "quality of life" for those not living in MDS or those not parented by a SUV/mini-van soccer mom/dad.

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